Sep. 9th, 2017

Need to start processing those tomatoes today.

Yesterday, adulted and started to water, got a call from Monkey Girl, she is in town housesitting, so the sister and I met up with her at Chezcake Factory for a snack, got a bit caught up too.

Heard from the cousin in TX, seems (and you just cant make shit up like this) he and his wife had a non refundable Disney cruise that they got a out of Austin to catch, and its in the Carribbean, so their cruise got cut short a day due to Irma, and then they couldnt get a flight out, so they are at Disney (hotel) in Orlando (which he claims is built to withstand hurricanes) hunkering down to ride it out. This is the cousin who thinks that all Democrats are stupid ignorant whimps responsible for everything bad, and liars about climate change. That he would have had a better life if everyone respected his white maleness... and his speshulness. I really should have worked harder at shoving him off the garage roof when we were kids.

Comet channel is running more Godzilla movies today.. soooo tempting to just lounge around and watch them.



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