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Saturday was taken very slowly. I did make it to the Farmes market 20 minutes before they closed, and I got a plant, some cheese curds, chocolate balsamic vinegar and chocolate pasta, and found a pork dude and scored me one fine smoked hock which I will use to make green pea and lentil soup with. Got my Sunday paper and came home.

I did putter about outside for a few hours, mostly it was putting everything back that the phone repairperson had moved, and then I got my bins back where they belonged. Played with my new sprinkler, I hope to have it up and being used in the garden today. Read up on the new zonal citrus before I rashly planted it... turns out it can get up to 20 feet tall if left unpruned. Fruit will be hard and bitter and best dried or turned into marmalade. Have decided where to put the new Devil statue, I think right by the Luciferina crocosmia would be appropriate.

Got the other plastic yard art in place, hung the new windchimes and solar stuff, I need to remember on tuesday to pick up a new solar glass ball for the garden area, the other one is messed up from the winter and got its solar cell broken off.

Back still a bit hostile, but, slow and steady, slow and steady.



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