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Did all my New Book Tuesday errands, picked up a bunch of cozy mysteries, the new solar gazing ball for the garden area, my prepaid mulch, got two more of the telescoping water sprinklers, I will figure out how to adjust the spray arc yet!, a 16 inch flagstone base for the new yard art, and my comixs.

Once I got home, I rubbed a couple of brain cells together to figure out how to get the heavy garden art of the devil playing a fiddle out of the back of the van. It took two men to get it there, I guess I can do better. They were lifting dead weight, so I needed to be smarter. And I did. by using my 2/3's filled with dirt wheelbarrow I rolled the statue out of the van and into the barrow, and to its new spot in the side yard. Wrangling it out of the barrow and onto its flagstone base was a bit trickier, but, gravity this time was our friend. The worst part was getting the statue to face front and be centered but, it happened. I didnt spring my back, or strain something I need. I sat outside and was quite smug for a bit. I turned on the sprinkler in the garden, and hand watered the rest of the beds and the unplanted things.

Today, supposedly the last day of sunlight for a few, so I need to get more things planted, mowing the lawn would be nice, but, not sure if that would be harmful to me... showing along the mower might twinge the back more. We shall see, I will plant away and arrange stuff in the garden, the grass in the flower beds is about 2 feet high, so I can pull it out easier now. And the weeds have flowers so they are quite easy to find. All the bulbs and roots I planted over the past month are starting to come up, which is a nice sight. I have buds on the lillies and I see fruit coming on the apple and pear, and I saw some blueberries! and a couple of strawberries!

Now to get out there.

Date: 2017-06-08 05:05 am (UTC)
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Statue wrangling hoo-yah!



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