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Made most of my phone calls yesterday, did adulty stuff, ordered new checks, did the paperwork on my tire rebate... discovered I had misplaced one of my gas cards.. its either in the van or in one of my purses..

Didnt get outside until almost five, but, got my trash bins out and lined up, took the yard bin into the back yard and proceeded to fill it up with debris from the Quince I wanna be a Tree and some other stuff. Put the sprinkler on in the garden, or jungle, depending on how you look at it.

got some more things planted into pots, and then watered the rest of the yard. Refilled some of the bird feeders. While in the back yard, I watched one determined quail perched on the fence.

Took a couple of Tigger kitty breaks, we had a rousing game of seated cat trap.. he was doing some lap time but decided that cat trapping the human was way more fun. Good thing I was wearing my gardening gloves. His humans are gone for the long weekend, so he was here for two meals instead of his usual one if I am outside.

Went for a late sushi snack with the sister creature, she "borrowed" the books from our stepmom, but promised to return them when she was done reading.

Today, finalize up who will be at dinner tomorrow, its like herding cats, I would love to make reservations, but how do you say it could be three or seven people or any number in between? sigh.
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