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Birthday went well, met up with family for dinner and a good time was had by all. My brother says because his wife dresses him, he doesnt hike his pants up that high... grin.

took Saturday easy, and on sunday it was the neighbor kids birthday, so went to that party.

Then I watered I think.

Today, I did adult stuff. one of my friends is having trouble paying for her insulin, so I am doing that for her... friends are hard to come by, so its a no brainer.

After adult stuff was done... I went outside and worked in the yard and weeded, refilled bird feeders and planted a couple of things. Played with the new sprinkerls.. still trying to get them at just the right height and intensity.

Tomorrow, the holiday, but its still new book tuesday, and would have been Youngest Niece's 34th birthday, I will go and visit her grave and ... well.. do stuff.
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