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I had a late start to Tuesday. Did my errands and noted who closes early. Sister creature wanted to go to the downtown Powells with me, so I waited for her. And Waited.. and waited. She was an hour late meeting me. Because of that, I didnt make it to the cemetery. We did do the downtown Powells, I got most of what was on my list. I was doing shelf monkey duty for the sister to find stuff she was looking for.

We spent too much time there, but, we drove back through Milwaukie to see where their new food cart pod was going in at. I was mostly right, and had to tell my sister, thats where the smokers went when I went to High School there (briefly). Because of the additions to the high school and the Orange rail line, it has changed in fifty years.

Had dinner at Burgerville, its walla walla oinion ring time.

Came home, and proceeded to change the bedding, (note to self, when eating candy covered malted milk balls in bed while reading, pay attention if you think you dropped one)_ the cat of course had to help. Later went outside to watch the neighbor kids and their parents do the fireworks out in the street.

Today, finish up the laundry, and get some yard time done.
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