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Got more yard time in yesterday, I even swept the sidewalk, which desperately needed it. Got more things planted, moved things, watered things... I am getting there slowly, thats for sure, and the temp was about 89 degrees on top of that.

Saw a Monarch and a Swallotail butteryfly ... admired the goldfinches, watched one of the quail perch on the white picket fence.

Refilled the finch feeders, and didnt quite get all of the back yard watered, I ran out of energy before then. Had a good cat time with the Tigger kitty, I got a lap dance and some cat trapping action. He is such a sweet boy, despite his desire to Kill All The Things in my yard.

Today, up to the VAMC for my B12 shot, and some errands, the sister creature wants to go along.



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