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Couldnt find my copy of the book for the nights signing, so I decided to get another there.

Sister creature wanted to come with, and she had errands to do enroute. We did manage happy hour at Chezcake factory, and we had more of the deep fried korean bbq cauliflower.

The signing had a small turnout, but a great audience, and of course, one of my lenses popped out of my glasses during the readings. sigh. Lost the tiny tiny screw, but after the event we went up to Rite Aid because they always sell the eyeglass repair kits. Fixed the glasses and then meandered on home.

Talked to my Wicked Evil Stepmommy, and making tentative plans of a sort while she will be at my brothers. But, we all know, everything is subject to change without notice.

Today... looking for my Liu books and anthologies. Meeting Godsons wife and co this evening when they get into PDX.



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