Really did nothing yesterday, with the wild fires burning near the Gorge, we are having fine ash in the air, almost like light snow in places. This particular fire was supposedly started by some brilliant idiot who thought setting off fireworks in the woods during the fire season was a pretty cool thing to do. They have evactuated several towns now and closed the Gorge to traffic.

Today, new book tuesday and a signing tonight at the Btown Powells. Lots of places to stop.
Godzilla movies didnt start until this morning.. sigh.

Got some cleaning done yesterday, I must have because it looks worse. Refilled bird feeders, did some watering, and assembled some solar yard art thingies.

Today, not sure, but I do want my own plant eating Godzillasaurus... hmmm is the radioactive poop good for the garden?
Because of a 20 percent coupon at B&N, fetching the sunday paper turned into a bit of a foray. Picked up the sister creature, and we did several stops, including filling up the tank on the Focus. Both my vehicles have fabulous airconditioning in them. She had several good scores on book hunting, things she was looking for (we did start out at Laurie's Used Paperbacks first) and ended up having a light snack at Gustav's for dinner.

Its miserable hot outside, granted they dialed back the estimated temps, but its still very close to triple digits.

Cleaning inside today, have laundry to do and all the rest of the things.. sigh.

there should be some Godzilla movies on tv.. there has to be..
Friday, a day of deer. Saw a doe and a fawn in the side yard and then on the way home, two yearling deer crossing Central Point. They were urban deer, they were crossing at the corners, where its legal to do so.

Not sure what the deer will do once the new development is completed, the city folk who move there will be wondering where their plants and pets disappear to, because we have coyotes and there have been rumors all summer of a large cat creature in the area. Not the Tigger Kitty, but something much larger.

I got my B12 shot and had a blood draw to see how my Vit D and my A1C are doing. Did some more errand running since it was payday and all.

Not happy about the temps predicted for the weekend here, but, plenty to do inside, but I will be setting the sprinklers out to keep the yard and garden watered. The grapes are really getting ripe now, so I have to keep an eye on them.

But first, I need to fetch my sunday paper.
Thursday was a bit of a loss, because I started out late and had do do a couple of errands, I only got the grapes watered with a soaker hose. My sister reminded me I was out of dirt, and I needed to get more, and a quick stop at Wilco... the heat makes me sluggish and slower.

Home Despot however had many skellie creatures this year for Halloween, the T Rex is amazing, but way too big for my yard..

Today I had VAMC for my B12 shot and some blood work, swung by the naturopaths to get refills on things I will run out of before next weeks appt...

We are to have 100 degree days for the weekend.. which is really not the ususal.. maybe in the past its been one day, but, its looking like 5 days. Ick.
Tuesday was an early day for me, I cleaned out the back of the van, put in things to go to Ru, a quick water of some things, and a slight delay while I let the bee wander over my hand until it flew off, then went over to the sisters house to pick her up and the AC unit still in the box. We made it to Salem in good time, and made a quick run through Wallyworld. They dont have Halloween out yet, which is surprising to me. Met up with Ru and Doug, transfered over stuff, Eldest Niece showed up on time, and after visiting, we went our separate ways. We went to Costco which was almost empty, and got the new Louise Penny mystery for the sister and then headed out to the Fairgrounds. We got princess parking right by the gate, and then oriented ourselves and found the pavillion where the horse program was. It wasnt very full, and it was a small show, but the sister was thrilled with the horses. I did ask a lot of questions for her, and after the show, they invited the people up to meet the horses and ask questions. I told sister to go up, and she happlily went and asked her questions. The two biggest horses were Percherons, and yes, the black horse was a Morgan. They also had a miniture horse in the show, and he was ten years old. We then went outside where they had their stalls and admired all of the horses, it looks like they have two sets for the two performances each day. All the horses were well taken care of, and they all had personalities to match. We then walked through the vendor aisles to get back to the Van and we then went to the restaurant to have dinner. Its happy hour all day long on tuesdays. After the meal it was take Eldest Niece back to her car and then home. We got in about 11ish. It had been a very long day. I did have a chat when I got home with what I call my door frogs, I have two of them hanging out by the porch light and they are so froggily cute.

At some point, my reflux kicked in, so it was a very long miserable night despite taking meds.

Wednesday, barely made it out to the car to leave on time for my VAMC dental appt. Traffic was reasonable and I got there early enough. When the appt was over, I ran into my doctor and chatted for a bit. I headed off towards Beaverton, running a few errands and looking for Halloween stuff. I did find a new Cleo de Nile doll at Target, and a few new books at B&N. Still havent found any new cargo pants in the stores in my size, but, ther is hope.

Today, trash prep day, and get a bit done outside, and water, its going to be very hot this weekend, so I doubt I will get anything done but watering. Still breathing in the awful haze from the forest fires, so being outside is a downer.
Got bills written out, and I had a late start to my day, so I barely made it to the Post Office in time.

Had a text exchange with my cousin in TX, he doesnt believe in global warming, and insists that we have only been recording the weather for the last 200 years, that there is more ice in the Artic and Polar Bears are just fine. *sigh* He is sitting ass deep in water too.

Today, down to Salem for the Horse program at the State Fair with the sister creature and her daughter. Have several things on tap to do, people to see.
Watered the grapes yesterday with one of the soaker hoses, they were having leaf droop. Did some other watering via sprinklers and did some very minor indoor things. I did clean the laundryroom floor and put in the new taller cat box with lid. I have left the lid open for now so the Resident Evil Feline gets used to it. I will eventually put the lid down and he can figure out the hole.

Went to eat with the sister creature and gave her some of her birthday stuff. The marshmallow unicorn poop, the Fluffy figure and a fuzzy toy that was probably a seahorse. More equine things as it were.

Today, write out bills. Do more watering.
My Scottish friends were about 30 mins late arriving, but thats cool, we sat for over two hours over the meal talking and catching up. *makes sad face* but then they had to be on their way to relatives house for the next two days before they fly back to Scotland.

The sister and I then meandered out and went to Zupans, Staples, Home Goods and New Seasons before returning home. Scored some excellent office supplies, and found things I wanted but couldnt justify buying. A phone base that rejects robo calls, a new desktop shredder that has a handle on the outside of the bin, and a keyboard that has the wrist support built into it. sigh. Needful things.

Not sure what to do today, I should write out september bills and clean inside, its supposed to be in the 90s again today. Text cousin in TX and see if he is swimming at his house. I have to water the garden.
Dinner was wonderful... I did get to the Bundt cake place and got muffin sized cakes for the birthday people and a box of the mini's for everyone else to share.

Today, meeting a friend from Edinburgh and her Royal Astronomer husband for an early dinner, they on a tight sked it seems... but any time is good time. The sister creature is coming along too, she met her a few years ago and they bonded over shoe shopping.
I got 14 more bags of dirt n poo yesterday, and used up all but 2 of them. I would have done the last two bags, but I was running out of steam. Didnt plant anything, or move anything but a couple of solar stakes, and one windchime. I did trash prep and not much else. I did clean most of the loose papers out of the van and got them into the recycle bin. Refilled half of the bird feeders, I should try and do the others today.

Took a lot of breaks and watched the birdies. There is a young crow hanging in the side lot now, so I watched the interactions between it and the other birds. It finally settled down and stopped trying to drive the others off, the jays buzzed it for that.

Its the sister creatures birthday today, and having Family Dinner tonight with her and Big Brother and the rest of the immediate family. I have to sort out the cards for both of them.

Looks like my cousin down in TX is in the path of the angry pooka Harvey, he texted me this morning with a current weather report.
Made great progress yesterday, I got all of my dirt hauled to the flowerbed, and did infill. Weeded, pulled grass, cut back iris fronds. I got about 23 feet of 50 done. And I ran out of dirt. Before I start anything today, I need to fetch more bags of dirt and poo.

Relocated the flock of purple flamingos to the newly dirted flowerbed. Hung two windchimes on the cross bars, and played with solar things. Put the sprinkler on when all was done and let it soak the flowerbed.

Today, get more dirt n poo, do trash prep. Plant more things. Rearrange one hanging basket assembly from the back deck to the front. Move a few pots around.
Since the sister creature went with me yesterday, we of course, started out 90 mins late. I had to modify my route, and skipped a few stops, forgot to buy Guardians of the Galaxy 2 since it was released on DVD.

The signing was good, now that all four books are out, I can read it.

Finally got Big Brother to decided on birthday plans, I am taking everyone out to dinner on friday in observance of birthing. Brothers birthday is actually sunday, and sisters is friday, but, close enough.

Today, back outside.
Sunday I finally fixed that bit of fence that wasnt level. Planted a few things, but ran out of steam quickly.

Monday was the eclipse. I stayed up after waking up about 8ish, instead of rolling over and going back to sleep. Watched a lot of it on the TV, but did get up and got dressed to go outside to watch the actual event. Stood around with my neighbors and it was a very cool thing. Saw Venus in the sky.

the birds went dead silent for about an hour, but after the sun started to come back, the first thing moving were a pair of hummingbirds.

Went to breakfast after with my sister, since I was up. Tried to work outside but was off due to lack of sleep. Monkey had driven to Salem with his roomies, and they stopped on the way back, we did a bit of local hanging out, then they headed north. Traffic was very bad, so it took him ages to get home.

Today, new Book Tuesday, I sure hope that happens. With all the delays due to everyone leaving Oregon its hard to say. There is also the signing tonight at the Beaverton Powells.
Friday went pretty much as planned, except I havent quite leveled that one section of fence yet, I am saving that for sunday. Got most of the fence done today, with just a bit more to go. got everything painted and installed as it were on the posts.

The Stone working dude finally showed up today to look at my projects, the paver patio area in the front and the 30 feet of back fence that needs replacing, they will email me a quote.

I feel good that I got things done today. After so long of not really catching up... this is nice.
With what I wanted to do yesterday, I decided to focus on the fence first.. leaving Friday for errandy stuff. With my neighbors help, we got the last two posts in. I put in a ten foot and then the eight foot posts. since I didnt take the posts to the sidewalk (and it would have been difficult since the pussywillow had compromised the last post with its trunk and branches, so its staying in situ no matter what) and I crossbarred that section too. Thats four sections with the added bars. Sadly I did the cutting on that last 1x2 and screwed it up, cutting it a half inch less than needed. So, I have to get a new 1x2 today. I still have fiddly bits to do to the fence, leveling out that one section and putting in the lower brackets.

I refilled all the bird feeders and stations. I cut back the crocosmia and some tall purple thing that has bloomed out. Cut up the bits of Empress tree and pussywill that had to be trimmed back. The yard bin was full full full. Corralled all the recycle bits into the bin until it was full.

The quail were impatient with me clearing out from the fence area, I was cutting into their dinner time. The dominate bird kept coming out and strutting at me in challenge and making noises. No sooner than I had gotten the wheelbarrow back into the driveway, then they flocked out to feed, and this time I had a clear view of the baby quail with them. They are so darn cute! Then the rest of the birds arrived. I had birds landing on the new cross bars already.

Called the sister creature, picked her up on my way to Wilco to buy a couple more cheep paintbrushes (those cross bars need purple paint) some hanging hooks for said cross bars, and noted that they have black sunflower seed on sale.. I will pick up some of that today. Filled the gas tank up on the Van, and was amazed at the huge motorhome that pulled in under the portico (taking up both lanes) to gas up. I thought for sure that I would hear metal crunching. We then went to the West Linn Buggattis in time for the late happy hour. They had been rushed and a lot of the food items werent available because they had run out. Thats a first.

So, today, I need to adult on the bills, then run my last local errands and bunker down for the solar event. I tentatively have the Stone dudes coming on saturday afternoon to give me a verbal quote on my little front patio. If they dont get caught in traffic.
I started to dig the latest post hole, and it was in actual dirt, not in the shards of mountains and clay. My neighbor came over and helped me dig the last foot to get the post in. Post was then set. We talked about the fence, and the next two posts hadnt broken off, so I decided to modify my plan yet again and keep the lower posts. With a bit of sawing and adjustment, I got three bits of fence up, thus leaving the last two pieces to go, and that is digging two more post holes. I will get out there later today and start to dig yet again. The second section of fence I got up is both out of alignment and crooked in comparison to the others, so when I am done with the entire fence, I will fix it. But not right now. Cut back a couple of branches on the Empress Tree, and hacked at the backside of the pussywillow where I will need to put the last post. Still debating about which height of posts to put in for the last two, in return for my neighbor helping me he is getting my extra posts and the odd bits of fence I didnt need. He is going to be putting up some more fencing in his yard, so, should I give him the two 12 foot posts? Should I use them? I have six posts left now, and will use two, leaving four...trying to figure out the best for both of us. Measured out and cut the second strut and still have to measure and cut the third one. they need to be painted too.

Todays list of stuff to do, some Adult bookkeeping and birthday cards, gassing up the Van, going to the Post Office to mail said cards. Then to start digging the post hole. I should do the dishes..
If we were a proper civilization, on Monday at 10.18am, we should sacrifice our Leader to make the sun return.

Saw lots of out of state plates yesterday, New York and Montana, North Carolina and South Dakota. Also saw trucks carrying porapotties headed south.

Got my errands run, picked up my restrung bracelet, investigated several stores to see if they had any Halloween things out, yes to Pottery Barn, Pier One, and Home Goods, and a no to Cost Plus World Market. Stocked up on Essentials so I dont have to go anywhere until Tuesday, one last thing to do is to gas up both vehicles before Friday.

Picked up a new cat box for the Resident Evil Feline. This one is pretty much a plastic bin with high sides and a lid with a hole in the top. It might give him privacy and no where to toss cat sand out of the box, and no way for him to hike his hiney over the edge of the box when he is feeling pissy with the world.

Today, working outside, starting to dig post hole nr 3 in the fence replacement project.
Sunday was use the B&N coupon day, I found the Mech anthology which is the companion to Kaiju Rising! the sister creature found two books she wanted. We went to Pennys to look for those cargo pants I wanted, and they still didnt have, but the sister found some great stuff on the sales racks. We also did Torrid, and they pissed me off because when I got home, I found they had sent me an ercpt which I do not tolerate. I had a hissy fit and sent critical emails to the company. Their take on it is for me to tell the clerk I dont want an ecrcpt, but they dont seem to get that I am not being paid to do the clerks job, upshot is that I may not buy there again if they dont get this squared away. The clerk shouldnt assume I want the damn e to begin with.

Monday I slept in, then when I got motivated, I returned things and bought new things.

Today, New Book Tuesday and I have a PT appt at 330. My bracelet has been repaired so I need to get over to Washington Sq to fetch it back.

I still have things left undone.
Due to a phone call from a friend, I blew off friday just to hunt down and acquire a dragon skellie halloween yard decoration. It took guile and patience. Big Lots was the only spot they were being carried at, and, they were selling out fast. I ended up waiting until the store closed for the day, they were holding the last one for someone who called in, but they never showed up to pay for it. So, at the stroke of 9pm, it was mine. My shopper gatherer skills were at their peak, so was my patience for that matter. Because I had time to waste waiting, I went to Ace and got more bird seed on sale.

Saturday, sunday paper was fetched, and swung by the used book store to write out the september book requests from them, and then I went home and hit the garage hard. Well, a 4x6 section of the garage. Pulled out what was in the way, moved things and swept, put the rolling metal shelving unit into its newer more prominent place and started to load bags of bird seed on it. I have close to 500 pounds of seed, not counting the bags of finch food, some of which I found while pulling stuff out. Since they are a small bag, they tend to wander and slide behind other stuff. Got all the boxes of suet together and the squirrel corn logs.

At some point I looked over at one of my bird feeding stations and realized that the hanging platform feeder was missing. I went over and there it was, on the ground, along with the hook it was attached to. Something had pulled the entire rig off the post. I had nailed it solidly to the post with two inch nails. I guess when I put it back up, I will use the four inch screws.

noted that the chipmunks had already burrowed new holes by the first post base, cleverly following the cement up to the surface, and then chewing up the cardboard that I had used to define the hole. Busy little buggers.

Having swept the parts of the garage floor that I exposed, sorted through things to go back in, discarded cardboard and tossed a couple of older feeders I was going to rehab, cuz, I have three new feeders that came to light.

Restacked things going back into the garage, hung a few things from the rack and put like with like. Left stuff out or near the front that I will be using soon.

Went to dinner with the sister creature and listened to her day with her mother. Stopped by the game store and they had gotten a shipment in, so I got part of Youngest Nephews birthday gift. On the drive back to the house, I had rain drops on the windshield.

Today, I need to finish laundry, put the cardboard in the recycle bin, and go out with the sister, we have a discount coupon at B&N.
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