2017-09-25 01:40 pm

(no subject)

I got some cleaning inside done yesterday, unloaded the dishwasher, and reloaded it, cleaned out part of the fridge, just puttering, but it helps reduce the mass of things to be done.

Today, diabetic eye appt per my doctors request.
2017-09-24 03:20 pm

(no subject)

I only did a little bit outside yesterday, but I did refill bird feeders and hung some yard wall art on the fenceposts.
2017-09-23 01:18 pm

(no subject)

I did a load of laundry and scooped the cat's box. Took a couple of things out to the garage that I have been tripping over for ages.

Its sunny outside, but not terrible ... still deciding what to do today...
2017-09-22 02:36 pm

(no subject)

Since I figured out where I got the socks from, and found a coupon for Target, I decided to go there after sorting through the mail and bills.. getting things cleaned up to start writing out the October bills next week. Trying desperately to remember when my cousin G's birthday is, I think its 2 October.

Going to Target yesterday was about all I could manage, decided to have conveyor belt sushi for dinner, and then got the trash together once I got home.

Its nice outside today, not sure what I want to do yet.

Its also officially Autumn...
2017-09-21 02:09 pm

(no subject)

I didnt do much yesterday, I did find three different bags of meds from the VAMC in my hunt for the one bag that had the med I was out of. Ended up sorting and putting bottles away instead of doing much else. Watched it rain and sun through the windows.

Finally figured out where I bought the socks I gave to my Godson, his wife wants her own pair, or he needs his own pair cuz she took his.

Got a couple more things out of the Van, and read some more.
2017-09-20 02:42 pm

(no subject)

There are sunbreaks out there again, I will see how outside is doing and then get back to inside stuff. I need to deep clean out the fridge for sure.

It was nice to hear that the Eagle Creek Fire was close to fifty percent contained, and that the freezing level on the mountain was causing it to snow at Timberline, they have over a foot of snow!

I still would have liked to have that bit of summer between HOT and RAIN though, I hate going from having the AC on to having the furnace on in a day.
2017-09-20 03:14 am

(no subject)

It was a good thing yesterday that I cleaned two of my house gutters out. I did that between the rains, and I got a few more things picked up outside and put away. Cuz, yanno.. rains.

I awoke this morning to rolling thunder, which sounded like it was running a fast track by my house, followed by heavy lashing rains, which came from all directions, and it sounded like they power washed my windows while at it.

I waited until the rains stopped and set out on my New Book Tuesday rounds.
2017-09-18 02:38 pm

(no subject)

The sister creature and I set off adventuring yesterday, in the rain. What a nice thought. Made a few stops had dinner and came home.

Ttoday, I have to get outside and clean some of my gutters, I had kept putting that off all summer long, and now I need to do it.
2017-09-17 01:53 pm

(no subject)

Got a tad bit more done outside yesterday, I have no more bags of dirt and poo left, but I do have buckets of dirt to put in the flowerbed. Potted up all the new pots and triaged the unplanted things. Cleaned up a bit as the rains should return today, which will be nice, except I would have liked to have those few days between hotter than I can stand and rain..

Debating what to do today, I have to pay a couple of bills since they are due and I dont have time to mail them, and I need to drop off my tuesday ballot. We only had one measure on it, and I didnt see the little explaination insert until I sat down to clear space on the table.
2017-09-16 02:35 pm

(no subject)

I spent my time yesterday outside in the yard (once I got some adulting done inside) and managed to work on the fiddly bits of the new fence, edging the foam away from the new posts and lining up the border bricks underneath. Then I hauled five buckets of dirt over to the flower bed and dumped them. Since I got outside so late, when I was going to haul more dirt, the birdies had come out for their evening feed, so I instead potted up four of the new pots with flowers and mixed up more dirt n poo and filled up buckets for todays efforts outside. With the rains coming back tomorrow, I need to get more done. I am debating if I should mow the lawn or not, it depends on how I feel once I get outside I guess. I also refilled bird feeders too.

Finally got the results of my A1C blood test, I was at a 7.0 and its come down to a 6.6 which is fabulous progress on just the stuff my Naturopath is giving me. I cant take western drugs for this since they contain stuff I am allergic to, so I will continue to make efforts to getting it even lower.
2017-09-15 02:13 pm

(no subject)

Made my stops enroute to the Btown Powells. Finally there is more Halloween out, but Rite Aid is slow, Target is there, Freddys is there...and of course,all the flavors of the season, pumpkin, pumpkin spice, carmel apple...

My timing was good, I found the new Laini Taylor book was out, and Laini Taylor was attending the event! So I got my copy signed, and she said I was the first copy she had autographed! weee.... then I got another copy for my friend M who is a huge Laini fan while I was at it.

Cat Winters did a good reading and talk, this is her sisters book as she describes it.

I have plenty to do today here in the house...
2017-09-14 02:46 pm

(no subject)

To get to the cemetery yesterday, I let the sister creature give directions to take the back roads... we eventually made it, despite her directions. It was a nice drive in the west hills, and we saw that there were a lot of homes for sale up there, and a lot of construction activity, either remodeling or new.

Visited the grave, and then went to Cornell Farms and browsed their fall bulb and seeds offerings. We had a light snack at Sandovals Cafe and made a couple other stops.

Today, I have errands to run and the Cat Winter signing at the Beaverton Powells.
2017-09-13 01:25 pm

(no subject)

Made some of the rounds yesterday, I had a later start than expected, but, did get quite a few things done before Book Club.

Today, its been a year since Youngest Niece died after her kidney transplant. Going to go up to the cemetery to visit. The sister creature indicated she wanted to come along.
2017-09-12 02:09 pm

(no subject)

The drive to Beaverton yesterday was made even more fun by the backup of traffic from I5 southbound at Wilsonville where the truck caught on fire, and its ensuing diesel spill. Traffic is bad enough with I84 being closed, so any snafu is bad.

Today, new book tuesday, book club and errands.

Had no cable or internet nor wifi last night from 1-4am due to Comcast doing their upgrades or whatever excuse they were having. Which meant I couldnt do a lot of the things I do at night. Why cant they do them from 8-noon? I am not up then.

The Halloween stores are open ... such fun.
2017-09-11 02:00 pm

(no subject)

Got half the tomatoes cooked down yesterday, and a bunch of stuff made it out to the trash and the recycle bins.

Today is my Godsons birthday, its 9/11.

Reflecting on the observances of the Tragedies, every generation has them, the defining moments as it were. The battle cries, the dates. Not to make light of any of them, but they do fade as the people whose lives they changed age and die. Fading into history. Bunker Hill, Damn the Torpedos, Trail of Tears, Fort Sumpter, Gettysburg, Lincoln, Teapot Dome, The USS Maine, San Juan Hill, Sinking of the Luisitania, The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, Kristalnacht, Pearl Harbor, Genocide, Aug 6 & 9th, Bay of Pigs, Kennedy King Kennedy, everyone has a list. Mine contain Sabana Seca, the Naples USO, USS Stark, and several other moments. We shouldnt forget, we shouldnt keep repeating.

Today, a signing at the Btown Powells.
2017-09-10 02:49 pm

(no subject)

I rained last night, a lovely damp sprinkle that got heavier as it went on. I hope this helped contain the Eagle Creek Fire.

Kinda blew off yesterday too, ended up going to Cascadia Station with the sister creature, she wanted to go to IKEA to look at stuff, and I hit the clothing stores and finally found cargo pants at The Dress Barn, I got two pair. We ate at WOW Burger, and this one seemed to be less than the usual too, so we dont know if they are just cutting back or what.

Came home and watched some of the Burke's Law marathon, and now that channel is showing Honey West.
2017-09-09 03:26 pm

(no subject)

Need to start processing those tomatoes today.

Yesterday, adulted and started to water, got a call from Monkey Girl, she is in town housesitting, so the sister and I met up with her at Chezcake Factory for a snack, got a bit caught up too.

Heard from the cousin in TX, seems (and you just cant make shit up like this) he and his wife had a non refundable Disney cruise that they got a out of Austin to catch, and its in the Carribbean, so their cruise got cut short a day due to Irma, and then they couldnt get a flight out, so they are at Disney (hotel) in Orlando (which he claims is built to withstand hurricanes) hunkering down to ride it out. This is the cousin who thinks that all Democrats are stupid ignorant whimps responsible for everything bad, and liars about climate change. That he would have had a better life if everyone respected his white maleness... and his speshulness. I really should have worked harder at shoving him off the garage roof when we were kids.

Comet channel is running more Godzilla movies today.. soooo tempting to just lounge around and watch them.
2017-09-08 01:27 pm

(no subject)

I found the air yesterday to be nicer than before, so I was outside, harvesting in the garden. Got about nine gallons of tomatoes picked and a 5 gallon bucket with squash and eggplant. I also have a small bag with all the ripe hot chiles in it, the white one is self explanatory I think. So, tomato sauce to be canned, and not sure with the squash, but I will look in my cookbooks or the manual for the food saver and the food dryer. Most of the apples off my columnar trees have been knocked down and .. well, they arent salvagable, so I gathered them up and then dumped the bucket in the empty lot for the birds and the critter.

Today, do adult stuff.. sigh, water more, and put the bins back from the street.
2017-09-07 02:15 pm

(no subject)

Got the supplements tweeked by my Naturopath yesterday and then spent some time wandering about before heading home.

Today, its a bit cooler, they say the fire is five percent contained, I got trash to get ready, and yard and garden to water.
2017-09-06 02:15 pm

(no subject)

The smoke and ash are really a part of the air..

Didnt get the news the other night, I lost my tv remote over the bed and it took a bit to find. Of course, I had looked in that spot several times before it stopped hiding.

I need to make sure I call my vehicle service dude about bringing in both vehicles when this is done to get the filters in both either cleaned or replaced from all the airborne yuck.

Did my errands, and made it to the signing, I had expected more people there, but he still had a nice turnout. Peter gave me an ARC of Code Girls, which was on my list for October, and I spent the rest of the evening reading it. Not quite done with it, but close.

I am really done with the heat and the smoke, its like I am a pack a day smoker the way my throat and lungs feel.

Today, Naturopath appointment.