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By the time I got motivated to leave the house saturday, it was way late, I had finally gotten to talk to my Wicked Evil Stepmommy after four days of leaving msgs. She had been ill .. I then declared what was left of Saturday to be a holiday and got the sister and we went off adventuring. Visited the new Al's in Wilsonville and got BBQ takeout (they were closing for the day) at Slicks. It was also alternating between sunlight and lots of rain. The BBQ was good, just meat and seasonings.

Today, overcast, but dry, so I hustled outside and worked in the garden area and planting things. I also finally dismembered the orange honeysuckle plant, it had three separate stems in the pot so I hacked at it and got three plants out of it... which I up potted to see if they survived. Lots more weeding and moving round of pots and things. Admired the tadpoles that I have in a tub.. just kept plugging away at things. I got all but some mexican gherkins planted so I think the garden is now good. Until I buy something else for it.

Had to intervene at one point, Tigger kitty was in my yard, being the mighty hunter and grabbed a fat chipmunk, so I was hustling as fast as I could yelling at him to drop the critter, he actually lost control of it trying to wiggle out under the back fence, and the chipmunk took off at lightening speed on its own. I got complaints from the cat and nada from the chipmunk.

Positioned several pots of flowers for tomorrow.. getting things in perspective for planting. I saw flowers on my bisexual kiwi vines, which is a first and I saw a bud on my older pomegranante tree. I am hoping having two of them will result in more than flowers.

My orange beets are ready to be pulled, and I am going to get some of my spinach too. Got the datura all planted and eyeing what to do for more infill on some pots and tubs. I got some holes in my planters due to deceased plantlife. Ate a couple of the hula strawberries too.

Tomorrow, more yardtime outside. The yard bin was practically full by the end of today, so I might have to get a yard bag to fill up. Used up four bags of dirt and poo today too.



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