T called me right before I left the house, she wasnt feeling very well. We will resked yet again.

I had some paperwork to do, so I did that instead and then ran a couple of errands. I went to Lowe's to get some steer manure, they dont feel its a seasonal product.

Met the sister creature for dinner and then came home. I feel tired and lethargic and very low energy since starting the antibiotic.

Today I was supposed to go to a orthotics appt, but they called me at 8 am to resked and I hung up on them, since they woke me up. I should call them back now that I am awake.

Lots of things to do outside, since its not raining.
Sunday paper was fetched, along with some groceries for the next few days. One downside was there was an obit from a person I went to High School with. She was four months younger than me. Taking that bit of the paper with me today since I am meeting my friend T from Mac, who was in the same class. They had a lot of history together at school since they were in the same music programs. T is getting around to my birthday lunch, her life and mine had been complicated enough we couldnt meet up.

I didnt do much else yesterday, but I did bring in my bins from the street and put them away on the side of the garage. I was very satisfied in how they fit in the new configuration. I emptied the dishwasher, and tossed a few things away out of the fridge. I am thinking I just need to toss everything and start over at some point. That and the pantry.

Have to remember to fill up the tank on the Van today too.
I got up early for me yesterday and drove up to the VAMC for my Dental appt. I was seen on time. The dentist poked and whacked on my tooth and declared that she couldnt do anything about it (this tooth was root canaled in 2012 and they couldnt find the last root do to calsification) so I was let loose. They are referring me to a civilian specialist through "Veterans Choice" and this will take at least another week. Meanwhile she gave me a weeks worth of antibiotocs.

I tried to pick up my medication refills, but most of them were at zero, so I had to deal with letting my primary care doc know, and to request an oxy script for the intermittant pain from the tooth.

I decided to go to the signing at Powells, so I went to Beaverton to hang out and wait. I had something to eat at Panda Express (already cut up and hardly any chewing) and then to the bookstore.

The signing was fun, saw the ususal suspects, and only bought one new book.

I took the antibiotics after I got home, no need to stir up the flora a fauna when out on the road. I slept for close to 11 hours last night, with several wakeups. But, I always went back to sleep.

Today, I should wake up, that would be good. I need to go and fetch my Sunday paper.
I just read the latest from the Cheeto..

The move came after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week rejected Trump's calls to punish players who kneel for the anthem to protest racism. Trump has said the protests are unpatriotic and disrespectful of military veterans.

I am a veteran, I do not think this disrespects me at all, in our oath of enlistment we swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that includes the Bill of Rights, which the First Amendment guarantees the Freedom of Expression.

I didnt get the right to play golf to relax while other service members were wounded and died, I showed up and did my job.
Going up to the VAMC today, I have a 1pm at Dental. The pain comes and goes from the tooth, so one way or another this will be dealt with.

Stayed inside yesterday, other than getting the trash bins to the curb. Worked inside the house and got some of the mess reduced.. but not by much.

Need to pick up the key to the Focus from my sister on my way to the appt.
I had a slow start to my day and then I waited on the sister creature to finish up with the Kidlet before leaving for the signing. It was too late to do a lot of my enroute stops, so I will do them today.

I have an appt with the naturopath today, and then there is the signing at the Beaverton Powells with Hearne, Wendig, and Wilde.

Did other stuff when I got home, still mulling over what values friendship has. Got a lot going on in the brain over that.

On top of everything else, I have a tooth starting to go bad. To get the VA to fix it, one shows up in the Dental office and you might get seen if they have a doctor available. I will start tomorrow, but first calling to see if they do have a dentist in the shop thats doing the emergency visits. Then of course is the hour drive up there and how many other folks are wanting to be seen without an appointment. Its such a load of fun at times, meanwhile, the tooth is letting itself known.
Got a bit more done outside, got hoses mostly corralled and ready for storage. Dumped more standing water, but still have one wheelbarrow left to empty.

Did a bit of barkdust and more cutting back on dead stuff. Started to measure for the patio. Have decided to put in the trellis first and the honeysuckle, at the rate I am going, that would be a better option than to wait on planting...and how things will fit.

Eldest Nephew having truck issues again, so he came over and borrowed the Focus for now.

Today, new book tuesday, errands and the PC Cast signing at the Btown Powells.

Been mulling over in my mind about friends, how we think we know them, and how we actually dont.
Got a couple hours in outside yesterday, got some of the hoses and things picked up. Refilled all the bird feeders. Emptied containers with water in them.

That was about it. Today, more of the same. This will be the last day of just sunlight, we go back to rain tomorrow.
The mentality of Home Despot amazes me, they were out of bags of steer manure. Seems its a seasonal item, but, cows poo all the time.. I need to get to another store that is still selling it year round. They did this a few years ago, I just think its lazyness myself.

At least the 16x16 pavers werent seasonal. I picked up the ones I needed and got my sunday paper on the way back home. Moved all the bits around, got the new pavers aligned and the shed moved. Got some 5 gallon buckets out of the garage and arranged implements inside the shed. I need to get all the sprinklers and hoses gathered up next and ready to store for the winter. One nice thing about Le Shed is that I can put the blue bins on top of it and out of the way. they just hold garden plastic pots. Pulled dead stuff out of the borders and filled up the yard bin.

Today, outside for more work, got lots to do, thats for sure.
I did get some yard time yesterday. Moved things around so that the bins fit against the side of the garage without obscuring any of the meters. Picked up stuff and pulled dead plants. When I was done, I decided that I need to move the Shed over a bit so my bins are all in line together. As it stands right now, I have one bin not in alignment with the others. Its an OCD thing, and I know I had better do it now than after I obsess over it for awhile. Its just easier. So today I will go and get some new paving stones to use as a base (I had made a base out of all the pavers I had, they just werent the same size.. must have consistancy!) that all match (that OCD thing.. trust me on this) and I need just a couple bags of dirt and poo for some infill and a couple of pots that I still havent planted up.

When I first went outside, I could hear the Tigger Kitty mewing at me... and finally looked up to see him on the roof. He got himself down eventually.

The next three days are supposed to be dry, followed by a couple more days of rain. Best take advantage of them.

now, off to fetch my sunday paper before hitting the Home Despot for my outside bits.
Discovered while doing my meds that I ran out of one of my supplements and decided to go to Beaverton to get a refill from my naturpath.

The weather was monsoon rains and bright sunlight, and just as I hit the freeway south, there was an EAM from the Weather Service that a tornado had hit the ground near Canby, which was just 7 miles south. It was moving east, so it wasnt an issue.

Med got fetched, had to avoid an accident on the corner near the office, seems when you make a right turn from the left hand lane of a one way two lane street, the car in the right lane tends to get in the way. I have come to the conclusion that they no longer teach people on how to make a turn if you are in the wrong lane, as in either turn at the next available opportunity and back track. Not just TURN TURN TURN.. and then wonder why horns are honking and your car is being ping ponged around. Not all the drivers are paying attention and you can take them unawares... they all dont have the response time of professional racers.

After picking up the med, I did a few other stops, and treated myself to the happy hour at Chezcake Factory, which was a mistake. This is the second time in a month that when I ordered the Ahi tartare it was out. I am wondering if they are always out or its just my luck. I did order the nachos and, it wasnt made with corn chips, but deep fried flour tortilla chips. They were oily and nasty. The cheese was two kinds, sort of a cheese whiz stuff and then a light sprinkling of grated cheese. By the time I figured out about the chips, it was too late (it was really hard to discern the chip composition after they got done with it) and I ate about a third of it and stopped. Most flour is enriched and I cant have it due to the ingredients trigger my allergies. The oilyness of the chips just became off putting.

Walked around the mall to see what was happening there, more little kiosks are popping up and they have an American Girl Doll store. I did buy some dark chocolate non pairels from the candy store.

Made a couple more stops on the way home, one of which included a nice bathroom. By the time I got home, I was feeling quite icky and having cold chills and sweats.

Today, I need to do a few things outside if its not raining.
I declared Wednesday a day of sloth. It was easier than doing anything else.

Didnt sleep well last night, but the sound of rain on the roof was soothing.

Trying to decide what to do today other than the trash, but that might be it.
Got all but one errand done yesterday, and book group was fun.

Burgerville now has Sweet Potato Fries. Just saying..

Dont know if its the weather change or what, but I slept way in today, and am just barely up. It will be dark soon.
Got a lot of the yard and garden implements into Le Shed. Put lock on Le Shed.

Picked up the sister creature and made a couple of short stops on the way to the pizza place to meet up with the rest of the Family in honor of Youngest Nephew being home. When finished, took the sister home.

Today, its New Book Tuesday and Book Club. Things to do, errands to run on my way there. A bill to pay.
Finally got to the comix store yesterday and picked up my stuff. Ran other little errands on my way back home. Lowe's and several other places have more xmas crap than halloween now.

Today, since I am up early, a bit of adulting, then outside to put stuff in Le Shed.

Family Dinner tonight with Youngest Nephew, he says he missed the race yesterday because of a jacked knee. I am going to give him grief that a 75 year old grannie did the half marathon portion of the race. Its all about perspective.
While out questing for the Sunday paper yesterday, I foolishly bought food items that I know better than to eat, and then had both of them at the same time. I got ill. I didnt get back outside to do anything, and it was cold and windy enough that it made things worse.

I stayed inside and suffered. I really didnt feel very good and it kicked off a sinus response of top of everything else.

I slept in today, I am just now barely up. The Resident Evil Feline cooperated in my sleeping endeavors.

Still feel a bit wrung out, but will run a couple of errands today, I really need to pick up my comix and a few other things.

Havent gotten a text yet from Youngest Nephew about the race today, but it was a nice cool weather day to run in.
Shed has been achieved. I did call my sister to help me with the doors. We only snarked at bit at each other and she only hit me with a door once, because, siblings... as in "dont open the do..." (smack!) I put the handles on the doors before getting them in place because it made more sense in having something to hang onto while wrangling doors into position, and then putting the handles on. Used the hand drill to put in some of the screws because it was more efficient. My sister brought me a lock, so I have one for the shed door. I live on a nice street, and I probably could get away with no lock, but, its just foolish not to.

Today, go and fetch the sunday paper, and then do some more work outside. Put yard and garden tools into the shed and clear up space in the garage, also less of a hazard in there. I wish I could have gotten a shed big enough for the mower too, but didnt have the room in the spot I was putting the new one. I have some larger pots to move to put the yard and reycle bins in, since I took up some of that space for the shed. Configuration is depending on the gas and electric meters and hookups, and the AC in that same area.

Youngest nephew is going to run in the Portland Marathon tomorrow.. we have Family Dinner with him on Monday.
I got some yard stuff done before tackling the storage shed. I was having a slight brain impairment day, and I had a lot of problems with shed assembly. Noted was the dyslexic approach to putting things together. I should have stopped right at the point when I put the floor piece down upside down and didnt notice it for about 15 minutes, or when I got frustrated that the pieces wouldnt slide together. But, I kept on. I am at the point where I have to do the hinges on the doors, and its not going well. You do need two people at this point, one to hold and one to put in the screws, and I am not sure if asking my sister to help would be constructive. I will think about it. I still need to buy a lock for the shed, so, its not a critical thing for now.

I do regret not having Sears assemble it for me. I probably could have gotten it home in the van, I just didnt want to wrangle the thing out of the shed and into place. Its too unwieldy to do so by myself.

Today, still sunny out, I do have some other things that need to be done today before getting back into the shed circus.
Have achieved box of holding for the storage locker. Now to get it out of the van. Todays escapades will include trying to assemble said storage locker.

Some more errands accomplished, others still left.
I always seem to forget that when my sister comes along with me on my errands, it takes more time, and stuff doesnt get done. Half my stops were skipped to give us time to eat before the lecture. I still have to get my comix and look at Lowes for the bathroom shelving unit (before I give up and go to IKEA).

Never made it to the comix store, and I still need to do that.

Today, I need to see if my tool storage locker has come in at Sears and if so, to pick it up. It comes in a box, and I will have to assemble it once I get it home. I also need to pick up a lock for it.

The lecture was interesting on the properties of lotus/water lillies. Noticed that they have a Salt and Straw outpost in Smith Hall there at PSU.
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