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Had another sleep disrupted by robocalls yesterday. May the Ghods of Telephony curse them.

Went and got more barkdust from Lowe's, they have started a nice sale on it, and picked up 10 bags for the neighbor. I need to unload the van today before the temps get too high. Decided to soothe my savage inner child (she was still quite grumpy by then) and went to Portland Nursery and picked up some new plants, a couple of tomatoes I didnt have, a chinese artichoke (have no clue what it is, but, I will look it up) and some flowers, found Bat Faced Cuphea, and got a couple of those, but I havent yet found any Tiny Mice this year.

Came home via Trader Joe's, and was exhausted. Met up with the sister creature at 9pm for a snack and I listed to her day of dealing with her mother.

Lots of things to do today, but, will just take my time.
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