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Haircuts went well, getting there was more work than we wanted, between bridge closures, road closures, ambulances, firetrucks, et all.. it was a lot of effort. But, we made it and got a decent parking spot. There were even fires alongside 213 which jammed the beginning of our drive.

Our hairdresser is going to be on DIY channels Tiny Luxury program! She is an amazing person, who does a great job on hair, so for her and her hubby to do this is awesome! so, August 10th!

We meandered on back after our haircuts, I had gone up to Finnegan's toys to see if they had any of the new Egypt Playmobile sets (I already got the new pyramid) but they didnt, but I did get the new catalog and I have to decide what I want and how to order it. We had our late lunch at Elephants, stopped by the Zupans, and a couple other places.

Today, not really sure, I have to find my copy of Witchy Eye if I want to make it to the signing tonight, and I have to chat with my Wicked Evil Stepmommy, she turns 80 this month and I wanted to be there, and it turns out that my sister in law has already made plans for the family. I can work with that, and it means I dont have to do the drive. She will be staying with them for the weekend as it were, and we having a family party for her.
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