Jan. 6th, 2017

Got the recycle done yesterday, the sister creature went with me and did hers too. She then did her grocery shopping. I watched.

since we were on my schedule, it was time for dinner by the time we finished, so we went to Bugattis in West Linn for Happy Hour. Turns out that they got a new Chef in the last few months and he has been tweeking the menu with his own spin. Normally when there is change its not better, but, this time, he has improved on several things. I have never had dolce gorgonzola ... oh my, buttery and smooth... just a lot of little changes and they are tasty.

Today, my VAMC appt with my doc. My yearly appt to keep us both leagal as it were. I am up early and not liking it at all. My reward however will be the book I passed on at the downtown Powells, if it is still there after everyone got their yule money...

Tomorrow the weather goes back to shitty, with snow, but at least I will have a decent day for driving.



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