Jan. 11th, 2017

I made it to Book Club and we called it early tonight, because of the snow, it was less than two inches of fluffy stuff by then, and on the way back to OC, it ended up being driving through a lot of slush, wind blown slush. By the time I got to OC it was just cold rain.

Three hours later, they were saying it was 8 inches of snow in Beaverton.

Not going anywhere on wednesday, I have to resked my appt.
Its several inches of snow out there today, I was lucky to have gotten home when I did, because there is quite a bit of snow outside.

I was woken up by several phone calls before noon, but, they will either call back or I will call them. Whatever.

Perhaps today I will noodle about DW and try and figure out how to find the new names to add, since I cant seem to figure it out.



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