Jan. 26th, 2017

Despite the rocky start of yesterday, it went pretty well. I did have to take everything out of the Focus and put it in the Van, but my sister seems to be incapable of borrowing the van like she said to clear out her storage unit. She doesnt want to do it by herself, but I am not volunteering to help. I got my own crap to deal with. I met up with sister and nephew to hand over my car, and then we proceeded in sisters car.

Hair cuts were had, and downtown Portland seemed to be less people and traffic, a lot of parking spaces were taken up by construction, and later I find out, there were some more protests in the city. Guess our timing was good for once and we missed them. We did find the cheese bar, they didnt have the dolce gorgonzola, we did try the two they had, but the first one wasnt as buttery and it was salty, and the second one was too.. cheesy I guess would be a good description. We had an absolutely wonderful chopped brussel sprout salad, and sister had the tomato soup and a ham and cheese, I had a chicken and mushroom. It was finshed off with a pot du creme in chocolate. The only downside is that they only had bottled ice tea that contains lemon which I cant have. Their house pickle also contains red bell peppers, so that is another downer. But in all, we will go back, its lovely food at The Cheese Bar.

After that we stopped at Natural Grocers and Trader Joe's in search of oat breat for my sister, which we didnt find, they are all made with wheat as the first ingredient. The obligatory stop at Barnes and Nobel and then she brought me home, since her son has my car.

Today, trash day. Got things to do in real life while I am at it.



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