Feb. 2nd, 2017

Got to the VAMC in a reasonable amount of time, and found parking. The bad weather forecasts are clearing out the weak of heart..grin. Got the bloodwork done, went by PT and scheduled my PT over in West Linn, then took my time coming home. With Spring coming in the near future, some stores are starting to get in their solar yard art and stuff in. I found a small heavy planter with the Green Man on it, and a Balinese diety statue.

The sister creature still hasnt finished moving her crap out of the storage unit yet, and when I talked to her a bit ago is still moving crap. I wish she would get done with it, I need to get my car and van maintenence done.

Today, I am going to go over to my cousins here in OC and visit for a bit. He has a few coins that I brought him about 2 years ago that were in Mothers house, its not a lot of coins, just some older ones that had dates that meant something to her. Cuz was going to sort them out and value them. He has collected some coins since we were kids, so he knows his stuff.

The winds keep blowing, with the cold, the chill factor is way down.



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