Mar. 28th, 2017

I finally got the old printer replaced with the new printer. I only knocked over two stacks of books in the removal and installation process, which in itself was a miracle. I pulled out old wires and cords and replaced the cable to the modem with a much much shorter piece of coax, so the nest of connectivity is much less mess now. And cleaning up that area where the wires were. Only one trip to Best Buy for a new cable I didnt know I needed in the right length. Still to do, put all excess wires/cords into a bin of keeping to get them out of the way without losing them all, and plug in the phone in the office. Recycled all the packing material and gave the box the printer came in to my sister, like she needs more boxes, but this one has handle holes and will be good for something for her.

Now I can finish my taxes.

I also managed to get the april bills organized and written out and a quick trip to the post awful to mail one item to Miss Annie. It was a full day of productivity even though it was just two simple things. The Resident Evil Feline at one point tried to intensely supervise the printer action, but, I tossed his fuzzy butt into the hallway.

My new fancy HP printer now has its own email address to send shit to for printing from anywhere. Which I did not activate the account for. I also opted out of everything for the printer I could. I had one of those evil thoughts that if you knew someones printers email, you could enact Death By Printer if you didnt like them very much.

Today, New Book Tuesday, and a bunch of errands ... the sister creature and I are going to a signing at the Downtown Powells for Anne Jacobsen, who wrote Area 51. We have read a lot of UFO books, so this one was particularly good, and her new book is Phenomena: The Secret History of the U.S. Government's Investigations into Extrasensory Perception and Psychokinesis, which also addresses our love of Government sponsored ESP and related activities. I also think that the people watching will be most excellent at this event. We have to do some of the sisters errands too, but, its all good. Plus recycling the old printer while we are at it.



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