Apr. 26th, 2017

I found a few new books, and made my rounds. Stopped at Lowe's and I am looking at the Grill Gazebo for my back deck, and I am trying to figure out if it will work to shade my french doors but not obscure the light through my kitchen window. I need to make some measurements. I think it will frame just the doors.

I also think I found a new purse, one that fits my criteria. It only comes in leather brown, but, thats okay, if its functional, it doesnt matter. Its some new NY designer that I never heard of, but, dont really care about name brands, just that it works. And leather, its leather with a wonderfully sturdy shoulder strap.

Today, I should write out May's bills, and a couple other adulty things. If there are sunbreaks, maybe take a whack at the lawn.

Had a text chat with Youngest Nephew, he is turning out to be a very responsible adult for being *only* 27, but he has goals and isnt drowning in debt.

In a low spot of sorts, Friday is Daddy's death day, and Tuesday would have been his 91st birthday. Him, the Queen and Annie McC all the same age. With only the Queen still kicking it. I havent been up to the VA Cemetery to check on his stone, with all the crappy weather and wet, its probably sunk or slid, and if I dont take care of any discrepancies before Memorial Day, Big Brother will be cranky with me about it. Who knows, it still could be raining then and no one will go. Plus to make sure the inground vase is still there and you can lever it out to use it.



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