Apr. 28th, 2017

Plans, once formulated, are then subject to reality.

Before I even took my meds and got dressed, I got a text from the Niece in Law. Her car had a flat tire, and they needed to replace said tire, but its another one of the speshul snowflake tires that have to come from California in the near future, and could I pretty please loan them the Focus for her to get around in until then? I said yes, because they are family that I like.. grin... and then I called the sister to see about getting a ride back to my place after dropping off the car. Turns out her mother had to have assistance today (its really TMI to explain) and she was going to be on her way there soon, and my plan to drop the car off in the evening went to ... NOW.

Of course I had to empty all the crap from the Focus into the Van, and then took the car over to the kids house. While waiting for the sister to show up, I got my coupons for the hanging baskets I had bought from the school fundraiser. They were now live, and with the forecast for a great weekend, I needed to get there then to get any selection of color of the flowers. I didnt want to be left with pink and yellow.

So, I didnt have a chance to empty the Van out, but I did get two purple flower baskets, and some *friends* as it were of other planty things, made a quick stop at Gardeners Choice and got my 10 minutes before they closed there. I found a couple of things I had lusted over at Portland Nursery at half the price, and came home exhausted but happy.

I called and talked to Ru last night for a couple of hours, she is feeling the constraints of her life at the moment, but, I am hoping to get down to see her in the next week.

Today, work outside, I have to get things planted and cleaned up, I have to get the Van cleared out and the stuff for saturdays ecycle and recycle.

Or at least try.



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