May. 5th, 2017

Wednesday was long for me, I didnt get much sleep between the insomnia and the Damn Cat. But, made it to Mac and helped T with her setup. We had chinese for dinner and I came home exhausted.

Then i had trouble sleeping again because it was too damn hot, and the Damn Cat yet again.

Today, humid and too damn hot, but I picked up the sister creature and we went up to the VA Cemetery and visited Daddys grave. I put a purple pinwheel on it, and explained to my sister its like a prayer wheel, only shinier. We then went to Target and the Division site of Portland Nursery where I commited a lot of plant, but about half will go to Ru, its the varietal Indigo tomatoes they dont have seed for yet. We had dinner at Olive Garden, and went over to the kids house to visit with them for a bit, and to find out when I will get my Focus back. Uh, they still dont have the replacement tire, I looked at my nephew and told him with a straight face that I will have to double the rental on the car... he just laughed at me. (cuz I just letting them borrow it for free...)

Got trash to the curb when I got home and now I am in my jammies, and its still too warm. I dont want to turn the AC on quite yet.
If Congress is serious about taking away peoples healthcare, they should start with their own first, and since they get more than miniumum wage at their jobs they should be able to afford it. Just think what the lobbyists could offer them!



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