May. 7th, 2017

Derby Day. I got up earlier than I normally do so the sister creature and I could make it to the party up in Longview at my stepmoms. She lives with her oldest niece, so I guess that makes her my step cousin. Anywhos, it was a group of horsemad "girls" and it was a nice luncheon, with betting on the horses, and then the race. I did not win this year, but got a plant.

The drive up was done by the sister, and I drove us home. I was very tired by then. I am making plans in the future, after talking to my step cousin about coming up once a month to take my stepmom shopping and running errands during the day. Which works for me.

Today, its not raining, I am not going anywhere but outside to work in the yard. weeeeeeeeeeee.



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