May. 29th, 2017

Made it home safe and sound as it were. I have terminal exhaustion, body parts all hate me, I have no brain cells to rub anywhere, and I come home to no landline phone. I will not comment on the phone company but I am going to file a formal complaint against them for bad service. And lying. And I still dont have my landline.

Flights both ways went well. We were met and herded for the entire trip as if we would wander off on our own (which we would, and they knew it) our hotel was downtown across from the original Macy's and on top of a subway entrance.

We ate a lot, small places where you had to speak Japanese, or that they knew you by name. We walked by Random Penguin house, and all sorts of places, The Strand bookstore, went to The Met, just flat out kept going each day. I now know where all the elevators in the subway system are. Stairs are still the ultimate evil.

The Boy;s graduation was held at the Lincoln Center, it was amazing, Cordoza Law School impressed me with their sense of community and purpose. There was one incident of asshattery from one guy trying to take a seat from a family who was saving seats for others still in line, but, he still was a jerk, and he later broke the rule of no getting in the aisle to take pics down front. Total knob. I am so proud of Earthboy, all those hours reading him Dr Seuss books paid off.

Met a lot of interesting folks, mostly while we were out and it was random on the street stuff, like a woman who does voice work on Pokemon.

From our first night in NYC where they had a fire call on the street next to us (false alarm but still) where they rolled at least five trucks, two of which were ladders, and entering the building from the roof to get to the front door to let everyone else in. The view of the Empire State building from our hotel window. Fulton Street station, which is finally open after being rebuilt after the Sandy surge took it out.

The city was very clean, and hardly any pigeons. It was also Fleet Week. We didnt hear about the attack in Manchester (we never turned the TV on in our room, I think operating the remote was Complicated for us exhausted folks) so there was a lot more police and security everywhere.

I finally got to see a play, we got tickets to Kinky Boots which was incredible, the set design, the actors, the costume changes for the drag queens, just amazing.

Made it out to Long island to see MonkeyBoys family. I wanted to get dinner from that deep fried chicken place, and it turns out that it was destroyed a few months earlier by a driver in a Maseratti, everyone was singing ".... maseratti, and now I cant fry" pretty funny, but I so wanted that deep fried cauliflower.

Musicians in the subway stations, the only real hustlers were those in the Metro station by the airport asking for old Metro cards since folks were leaving and didnt need them anymore, they were also selling swipes to get into the rest of the system for two dollars, it was a very good hustle.

We both had trouble with our cellphones, his was dying battering, and I had to get my phone rebooted because it wouldnt hook to the local towers. Which I didnt know.

Chocolate stores, oil and vinegar stores, Eataly (Batali's new dine and grocery emporium)... its a blur with definitions here and there.

According to MB;s fitbit we walked about 35 miles total. We took a car to the airport when we left, I couldnt go another step with a suitcase at the end.

My brain is still dead, I cant focus to read, I have unpacked my suitcase and have been serving my Feline Overlord who is still cranking at me for being gone. I watered some yesterday, one of my neigbhors had mowed m lawn while I was gone and did water for me too. They are going on vacay this week, so I have to see what they need me to do.

When my brain decompresses I might say more, like the Turtle Pond in Central Park, or seeing a store in the Fashion districk called Spandexworld. Bagels, all sorts of thing85s. 9/

855555555555555555555555557 (and this was the cat jumping up on the keyboard to berate me... )



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