Feb. 20th, 2017

The book sale was good, I got a lot of nonfiction, and only one fantasy. The sister creature went with me, she got another garage at her complex, and will get the keys on wednesday. She asked to borrow the van again to move her crap. I said yes, and today I have to call Ford to see if I can get the Van in for its 40K service before she borrows it, otherwise, its another week.

Sister asked me nicely if we could make a couple of stops enroute to Powells, and I agreed, she had a couple of things she either had to do or have something showed to her. It was okay with me, I fitted in a few things for myself. We did go by Orchards and I got replacement tarps for the Van, which sister paid for since the reason I needed new ones was that she had taken mine for her other garage. I also got more solar sticks and some yard art while I was here.

Book aquisition went well, there was the bit where the lady overheard me talking to myself about trying to find that new book on Cannibalism, (by Schutt) and we had a silly exchange over it... I think I have about 5 books on that topic now. This one focuses on the natural side of the house, bringing in how other animals do it and why. Stressors is a major causality.

Well, today, let the cat live, he started up one hour after I went to bed, and ... I just cant deal with that sort of behavior. His life would be a lot easier if he would just leave me alone after lights out. Either that, or he has an overly developed death wish.

Things to do today.

And being Presidents Day, I am only observing up to nr 44, and I am trying to think of a way to have everyone send postcards to the white house with quotes from all the fascists on how to control the population ...



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