Mar. 8th, 2017

Instead of going to the ARCE lecture last night by Dr Don Ryan, the sister creature and I drove to Seattle to U Books and attended the signing by Patricia Briggs and Anne Bishop.

I am exhausted, and the weather was crappy up until the last thirty miles going home. Other than me missing the right curve to follow on I5 near SeaTac and the following dido we did through Renton to get back to the freeway, it went well.

I bought too many books there, Duane runs a good SF section, and of course, there are other books lurking about that wanted to come home with me. And the Boyton plush bunny because.. well... just because.

Today up to the VAMC for the yearly podiatry appt. I thought it was physical therapy over at the OPC in West Linn, but thats next week.



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