Jun. 20th, 2017

I had three more robocalls before noon yesterday, which hozed up my sleep pattern, and I didnt get up til almost 2 in the afternoon because of it.

It was hot yesterday, by my standards... I didnt work out in the yard because of that, but I did empty out the Focus and the Van of things. Now to put them away or at least in the room they should go to. I collected my pop bottles for recycle and got them out to the Van. Ran a couple of minor errands, turns out Wilco is out of black sunflower seed except in the small 10 pound bags, so I will have to try Coastal to get my supply replenished. Picked up the sister creature and her bottles and away we went. We dont do the Bottle Drop here in town, its hot and icky to start with, and they dont have shopping carts for the bottles, which is what sister and I prefer. We went to the Market of Choice over in West Linn and did our thing. Sister spent her refund on yogurt and bananas, I got some locally made picked onion slices and spicy asparagus. We then stopped to eat at Bugattis.

By the time I got back home and started to water it was after 930pm. I did admire my solar lights ... and I let the sprinkler run in the garden. I do need to put the soaker on the grapes, and I have to put out more plant food.

Today, New Book Tuesday! And the Solstice!

...and still too hot, and the weekend is predicted to be in the 90s ...



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