Jun. 29th, 2017

Tuesday at the VAMC... its like packing for an expedition into the unknown. I didnt sleep well since I had to get up so early by my standards. But, I got up there and actually found a decent parking spot and was 16 minutes early for my appt. I checked in and proceeded to wait.. and wait.. and wait. It was over an hour before I got my own exam room. then another 15 minutes or so before I got the Baby Doc.. seems my Neuro now has an apprentice. But, my MRI was clean, and we discussed life and brain post surgery. I will be seen again next year.

I then dealt with Physical therapy, the Mammogram issue, Orthotics, my own doctors team, and a round with Patient Advocacy. Upshot is, I have the packet authorizing my mammogram in the mail to me, I have a new consult for physical therapy and an appt, I have a number to call for my orthotics since now I have my own special contact for that sort of thing.. which is nice, but it would have been better to have been aware how they have changed the system .. which I do have to call today and chat about my special needs.

I got out of there by 12.30. I called my sister and we agreed to meet downtown OC to eat at Yvonne's which only does breakfast and lunch and closes by 2 on weekdays. We squeeked in, my drive back from the VAMC took forty minutes. We both had eggs benedict, and they were good. We have decided that we will go back, the only downside beside the hours is that parking downtown sucks. After that, we went on my regularly scheduled Tuesday things, picked up six more bags of bird seed (on sale) at BiMart, and checked for new books.. we ended up having a light snack at Burgeryville before I took the sister creature back to her place.

Then I watered.

Wednesday I slept hard, and if the robocall hadnt come in, I doubt I would have gotten up... since I had arraigned to drive up to Longview to take my Wicked Evil Stepmommy out for some light shopping and a meal, I had to hustle my butt out of here. I made it by 2ish, the drive was pretty good. Only saw police once on the southbound side of 5, and once going north, and they had just stopped someone as I passed. I dont have to be the fastest vehicle on the road these days, just the second one...grin.

Had a lovely time with the WE, I hauled her used books out to the van and we went to the local used bookstore (there is no other bookstore per se in the area) and browsed. I did good, I found lovely things for myself, and my stepmom found other things. I have her leftover used books, I will take them to see if I can trade down here .. I have a list of things to get for her, and I recommended some authors and stuff to her. Got her hooked on the Lee & Miller Liaden books, so I now have to get the series (and the reading order for her) and I gave her the complete lists for Aunt Dimity, China Bayles and Meg Lansdwn series. It was so much easier when we lived closer (and before she had moved down to CA, and then back up to Longview) where I would just load up a bag of books and let her pick out stuff. She has her own tastes in books, but she is always happy to entertain what I would suggest.

After a early dinner at STuffys, and I got my birthday cards from her, I took her back to her place and visited some more, her niece was home, so we caught up. Then I drove back. I was pretty tired by then, and didnt water outside, but went and laid down. Caught up on some other phone calls, a friends grandmother had died, my Goddaughter had dropped the clutch out of her car.. .

Today, its trash day, I got some phone calls to make and I would like to get some yard time in ..



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