Jul. 10th, 2017

I am getting closer to having all the plants in dirt.. well, with the exception of the ones I want to use when I do the White Picket Fence Project. Sunday I had to get more dirt n poo, I have been getting just five of each when I pick them up, so I dont get too far behind.

Because I asked my sister if she wanted to go with me, we ended up taking twice as long, plus a stop to eat. But I did get a couple hours of yard time in, and todays push is on the back corner of the back yard by the columnar apple trees. I got six buckets of dirt n poo mixed up, and the plants sorted out, so its just step into it. Got some more of the driveway cleaned up too, more sweeping and the like.

Of course, once everything gets planted, I get other projects to work on, so its never ending at times. I figure I can get the picket fence replaces one post at a time, so it can be spread out over the rest of the summer.



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