Sep. 11th, 2017

Got half the tomatoes cooked down yesterday, and a bunch of stuff made it out to the trash and the recycle bins.

Today is my Godsons birthday, its 9/11.

Reflecting on the observances of the Tragedies, every generation has them, the defining moments as it were. The battle cries, the dates. Not to make light of any of them, but they do fade as the people whose lives they changed age and die. Fading into history. Bunker Hill, Damn the Torpedos, Trail of Tears, Fort Sumpter, Gettysburg, Lincoln, Teapot Dome, The USS Maine, San Juan Hill, Sinking of the Luisitania, The Great Depression, The Dust Bowl, Kristalnacht, Pearl Harbor, Genocide, Aug 6 & 9th, Bay of Pigs, Kennedy King Kennedy, everyone has a list. Mine contain Sabana Seca, the Naples USO, USS Stark, and several other moments. We shouldnt forget, we shouldnt keep repeating.

Today, a signing at the Btown Powells.



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