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I did not make it to the movies on Thursday, my back was spasming, I have come to the conclusion that its the weed pulling that is causing the problem. I had filled the yard bin almost completely full with pulled weeds and it was alot. I will try not to pull, but to scrape or hoe them out for now. I did little errands on the way home and then finished trash prep and got my bins to the curb.

Friday, the VAMC never learns... never call me before noon and wake me up. Mostly it was a scheduling issue at the VAMC that I had nothing it do with, one could call it an internal power struggle. But, I was late to my appt by a few minutes because I groggily thought they had called to cancel...which they didnt, they wanted me to come in 3 hours early for my shot because the scheduler had double booked my nurse. I got to listen to her vent about it, but, thats cool, I would too. Picked up my stuff from pharmacy, this time they got the order right, sometimes I wonder about their inability to read the damn perscription.

Wandered home, I stopped at ABoy on Barbur and admired where someone had tried to make their plant area a drive thru, the chain link fence was bowed mightily, then to New Seasons to pick up a couple of items, and when chatting with my sister, I had to make a stop at the dollar store to look for a 2017 pocket calendar for her mother (yeah, just wait til June to get the 2017 item..sigh) which I found one at Office Max next door. Had a bit of fun in Ace Hardware, I picked up another Datura plant and a cement bunny with upright ears.

Its been raining today, its too late to go to the Farmers Market, and I have little energy to try. I do need to get my Sunday paper though, and drop stuff off at the sister creatures.



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