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Van is back home, rental car is back to dealership... I had forgotten that the new car smell triggers my allergies..

Blood work got done, but it took several tries, the tech kept telling me my veins were "rolling" and finally got a needle in the back of my hand to take blood.

I did my errands, returned the duplicate book I had bought, and treated myself to happy hour at the Oswego Grill. I was disappointed in the focaccio bread, it had the wrong texture. Something was wrong on I5, so I just stayed off the road for awhile. It was even bad after 7pm.

so, today... MRI at 2pm, and then meeting up with my friend Th at the Rose City Book n Paper fair afterwards. I have some paperbacks for him of books he was looking for, and we will see how the fair goes, and where we eat afterwards. The sister creature may come with, she hasnt made up her mind yet.



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