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I got the lawn mowed, I got the front and back edges weed whacked.. this took most of my time and energy. It was hot out there, I even sweated through the hat band of my sun deterrent hat. Once I got the lawn portion done, it was refill all the bird feeders.

I did a bit of cleaning up here and there, I did finally move the 6 bags of bark dust that have sat in the backyard for over six months (trust me, the lawn back there is trashed anyways) and got all the obstacles out of the way. Got the majority of plastic bags corralled from out in the garage and will consolidate them all into larger bags for recycling, and the pop bottles for the return.

I need to call my physical therapist for an appt, she hasnt called me back yet and June is half over now, and my right rotor cuff is impinging my right arm in a very uncomfortable way, and restricting movements.

Date: 2017-06-20 01:01 am (UTC)
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Bark dust?



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